Your Hunter fans are made to the highest standards possible, but there can always be problems. Should you have an issue, your fans are covered by the following warranty.
  • The motor in your fan has a Limited* Lifetime Warranty
  • Electronic components such as capacitors and wall controls have a 2 year parts warranty
  • There is only a 12 month in home labour component for the above two warranties
  • Remote controls and accessory light kits have a 12 month replacement warranty

If you require your fan to be looked at under warranty, please click the "Submit Warranty" button below.

Note: If you are wanting to make a warranty claim, we will also require proof of purchase and proof of installation by a qualified electrician before we can process the claim.

Submit Warranty


If you just need someone to come and look at your fan, or the fault falls outside the above warranty periods, please contact one of our recommended Service Agents who will be able to help get your fan back running again.


* Limited Lifetime Warranty means that the warranty is limited to;
  • You must be the original purchaser of the fan (and have proof of purchase)
  • The fan must be in its original location (ie it cannot be moved from house to house)


Ceiling fans are a unique product.
Their operation is more complex than a simple light, and are more like one of your whitegoods, like a washing machine.

When installing or repairing a ceiling fan, not all electricians are familiar with how they work (you would not ring a regular electrician to fix your washing machine for instance, you would look for someone who specialises in washing machines).

We have a number of Installers who are very familiar with our products, and we would highly recommend them if you are looking for someone to install or service your Hunter or Atlas fans.

They are all fully qualified
 electricians (who can also do all your other electrical work), and will ensure that your fans are installed perfectly the first time, every time.


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