Prestige Fans Turns 100!

Prestige Fans Turns 100!

Prestige Fans, the distributor for the Hunter and Atlas brands of ceiling and wall fans in Australia now have their fans displayed in over 100 stores Australia wide.
Up until now it has been very difficult to physically see any of these fans other than on your computer screen. With the quality and uniqueness of both the Hunter and Atlas products, this jut did not do the product justice. Now a dedicated network of Lighting stores throughout Australia have invested in their stores, and put fans on their ceiling for you to view.

So how does it work?

Finding your closest store: If you want to find the closest store to you, and see what fans they have on display, visit the Prestige Fans website, click on the “Where To Buy” tab, then click on the map to zoom in on your area.

Finding a particular fan: Is there a particular fan in the range that you want to see. Then simply go to that individual page on the website (go to “Products” – “All Fans”, then choose “Fans sorted Alphabetically”, and scroll down till you find the fan you are after. Click on that page, and that will show you what shops have that fan on display.