New Bedroom Ceiling Fan from Hunter

New Bedroom Ceiling Fan from Hunter

The place we all feel the heat the most is when we are trying to get to sleep on those hot summer nights.
Air conditioning may help, but is expensive and nothing is better than sleeping under the cooling breezes of a ceiling fan. But that breeze is of no help if the sound of your ceiling fans keeps you awake.

The Hunter Fan Company have introduced a new ceiling fan to their range that is perfect for smaller rooms like bedrooms and studies.

At only 112cm (44") this compact performer is packed full of Hunter’s quality and durability.


Hunter Bayport with White side of blades showing


Hunter Bayport with maple side of blades showing Maple side of blade


Featuring Hunter's patented WhisperWind motor, the Hunter Bayport  incorporates all the excellent features of larger Hunter ceiling fans  -

* Hunter's patented WobbleFree™ canopy with Anti Vibration Technology (AVT) 

* Hunter's patented triangular hanger ball system reduces torque and gives Hunter ceiling fans the ability to self-balance, eliminating wobble for rock solid performance, year after year. 

* Easy to install in one of 3 mounting positions:
    - Flush mounting on flat ceilings.
    - Standard mounting on flat ceilings.
    - Angled mounting on raked ceilings up to 34-Deg.

With all these features, coupled with Hunter's Lifetime Motor Warranty, the Hunter Bayport Ceiling Fan is an excellent choice to keep you cool on those warm summer